#13 Speaking Mock Test

Speaking Exam

Part 1
What kinds of emails do you receive about your work or studies?
Do you prefer to email, phone, or text your friends?
Do you reply to emails as soon as you receive them?
Are you happy to receive emails that are advertising things?

Speaking Exam

Part 2
Describe a website that you bought something from. You should say:

what the website is
what you bought from this website
how satisfied you were with what you bought
what you liked or disliked about using this website

Speaking Exam

Part 3
What kinds of things do people in your country often buy from online shops?
Why do you think online shopping has become so popular nowadays?
What are some possible disadvantages of buying things from online shops?
Why do many people today keep buying things which they do not need?
Do you believe the benefits of a consumer society outweigh the disadvantages?
How possible is it to avoid the culture of consumerism?

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